ABC Reading Eggs Level 1 Starting Out Activity Book 3 Ages 4-6

ISBN: 9781742150475
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出版商: Pascal Press
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ABC Reading Eggs Activity Books are an excellent way for children to learn to read and write. They are full of educational activities that ch ildren will enjoy.

ABC Reading Eggs Activity Book 3 is for childr en with little or no reading skills. It fully supports and reinforces th e 10 lessons (lessons 21–??30) of the Reading Eggs program.

You can find the full program at - the w ebsite where children learn to read!

This book will help children to:

  • recognise alphabet letters
  • write letters correctly
  • hear letter sounds
  • develop pho nics skills
  • match pictures to sounds
  • practise their ha ndwriting
  • read and write simple words and sentences
AudienceProfessional and scholarly