ABC Reading Eggspress Comprehension and Grammar Workbook Year 3

ISBN: 9781742153308
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出版商: Pascal Press
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The Reading Eggspress workbook series provides students with a comprehen sive and systematic way to build, improve and extend reading comprehensi on skills. Each workbook includes:

- 40 comprehension lessons t hat build literal, inferential and critical comprehension skills, as wel l as extending vocabulary. - A mix of multiple-choice and short-answer q uestions that ensure the development of deeper comprehension skills. - 8 grammar lessons that focus on how the English language works, and build s knowledge of grammatical terms and vocabulary. - 4 levelled assessment s to monitor growth and reward success. - Curriculum links to the Austra lian Curriculum. - Answers for all workbook content.

These comp onents work together to help students understand new ideas, make connect ions and unlock deeper meaning when they read. When combined with the on line Reading Eggspress lessons, the program acts as a powerful boost to reading comprehension skills.
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