Catching on to Comprehension Book B

Catching on to Comprehension is an exciting comprehension series that provides full coverage of the English comprehension skills needed in the primary years.
ISBN: 9780733978531
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Publisher: Pearson
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  • Catching on to Comprehension is skills-based, meaning that a key skill in comprehension such as sequencing, identifying important details or recognising the author’s voice is explicitly taught in each unit.
  • Each unit has a learning sequence that fits in with how teachers teach and classrooms work: the first page of each four-page or six-page unit is a whole class, teacher-directed lesson and the following pages are for children to complete on their own (or in groups). A follow-up activity is also provided.
  • Each book is jam-packd with interesting, fun and relevant fiction and non-fiction texts that children will enjoy reading.
  • The activities include multiple-choice questions that make the units in this series an ideal preparation for comprehension testing.
  • Vocabulary activities, story structure activities and units that focus on visual literacy and using resources such as dictionaries are all included.
  • Catching on to Comprehension is in full colour.


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AudiencePrimary and secondary / elementary and high school
Author(s)Lynne Darkin