Grade 5 Geometry and Measurement

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Most grade school workbooks attempt to cover many topics in one workbook, and unfortunately do not dedicate enough pages so learners can master each mathematical concept. Kumon workbooks, however, are designed to help children tackle one skill at a time and include enough practice so that children have the confidence to move forward. Using the incremental Kumon method, these unique workbooks guide children through each skill step-by-step so they are poised for academic success. Our workbooks are also correlated to state and national standards in order to ensure that the content is appropriate for your child. -Compare and order whole numbers, fractions, and decimals on a number line -Understand and apply concepts of lines and angles (e.g. parallel and perpendicular) -Identify polygons -Understand the relationship of the circumference of a circle, its diameter, and pi (tt ~ 3.14 ) -Measure and find the area and the perimeter of two-dimensional shapes using formulae. -Measure and find the volumes of cubes and rectangular prisms using formulae. -Coordinate Geometry -Convert measurement units within a system colour throughout