Pascal Press Connections Maths 10 Stage 5.2/5.1 Teaching & Assessment book Year 10

ISBN: 9781877085673
Delivery date: 5-10 Business Days
Publisher: Pascal Press

The Connections Maths 10 Stage 5. 2 / 5. 2 Teaching and Assessment Bo ok includes many resources that makes using the Connections series the m ost effective and user-friendly series available.

The resources i n this book include:

  • a teaching program referenced to the s tudent book
  • syllabus notes
  • detailed guidance on teachi ng each topic
  • outcomes clearly stated and cross-referenced to t he student books
  • assessment ad reporting strategies
  • ov erview and summary of every chapter and exercise in the student book
  • relevant internet sites and further research questions
  • al l this material is also provided on CD-ROM to allow for printing and cus tomising
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AudienceProfessional and scholarly
Author(s)Kalra, A.S. & Stamell, J.