Pascal Press Maths Extension 2 Year 12

ISBN: 9781875312269
Delivery date: 5-10 Business Days
Publisher: Pascal Press

Maths Extension 2, 2nd edition Year 12 provides all contents from 1st edition, but with many improvements to this highly popular and comprehe nsive text.

These changes include:

  • expansion of chap ters on Curve Sketching and Conic Sections
  • a whole new chapter on harder Maths Extension 1 topics which give students the extra work th ey need in these areas
  • some improved diagrams and expanded expl anations

In carrying out these changes the size of the boo k has increased by about 80 pages. As in the previous editions, the feat ures of simple and clear diagrams and straightforward language have been maintained.

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AudienceProfessional and scholarly
Author(s)Patel, S.K.