Steve Parish Children's Story Book: Tree-Frog Tangles

ISBN: 9781740212434
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Publisher: Pascal Press

In Tree-Frog Tangles, a red-eyed tree-frog, from her home in the tree tops, hears a wonderful sound. She sets out to find the source but is si de-tracked by the interesting noises made by other frogs as she journeys through the forest.

Red-eyed tree-frogs live in leafy foliage hi gh in the trees of wet coastal forests in eastern Australia. They have s pecial pads on their fingers and toes that help them to climb. After hea vy rain, males call from lower branches and large groups gather in flood ed areas to breed.

About the Author: Rebecca Johnson is an award-winning primary school science teacher and has writ ten more than 60 books for children.

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Author(s)Johnson Rebecca,Parish Steve