Steve Parish Pocket Field Guide: Birdlife of Western Australia

ISBN: 9781925243314
Delivery date: 5-10 Business Days
Publisher: Pascal Press
Michael Morcombe? ?s two best-selling Field Guide to Australian Birds ha ve been received with delight by birdwatchers throughout Australia and o verseas. Now Morcombe has produced a series of handy Pocket Guides cover ing each State of Australia, plus a separate volume for migratory and se a birds. This Western Australia guide is the second of the series to be released. A unique feature of this book is the front section, which show cases 45 of Western Australia? ?s most sought-after birds, illustrated w ith stunning photographs selected or taken by Morcombe. Information abou t the best places and times to spot these birds includes precise GPS coo rdinates.

? ? Detailed illustrations of a ll the species, subspecies, males, females and juveniles that can be fou nd in Western Australia, with essential species information accompanying each illustration
? ? Information about the best places and times t o spot them, including precise GPS coordinates
? ? QuickFind system of colour tags gives easy reference to bird families and is cross-refer enced to the Quick Index and Guide to Family Groups
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AudienceProfessional and scholarly