Steve Parish Reptiles & Amphibians Story Book: Stanley the Saw-Shelled Turtle

ISBN: 9781925243277
Delivery date: 5-10 Business Days
Publisher: Pascal Press

Stanley the Saw-shelled Turtle is concerned because all of the animals that are part of his food chain seem to be disappeari ng from his creek. On closer investigation, Stanley realises the problem is a result of human activity. Luckily, someone else has seen the probl em too and can help. Themes include pollution, team work and foo d chains.

This Story Book features:

A glossary of technical or tricky words.
Factual information ab out the saw-shelled turtle.
A fact-file of a food chain found in a creek.
Two free downloadable work sheets.
Australian Science Curriculum links.
Stunning Aust ralian photography.

About the Series: The Steve Parish Reptiles & Amphibians Story Book range was written by award-w inning author and primary school science teacher Rebecca Johnson, who ha s written more than 60 books for children. Her Steve Parish Insect story book range won the 2014 Whitley Award for Best Children's series.

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