Steve Parish Reptiles & Amphibians Story Book: Trevor the Tadpole

ISBN: 9781925243307
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Trevor the Tadpole is very worried. He thinks t hat he is a toad, despite what his parents tell him. They must explain e ach feature he has that is different to a toad tadpole. In the end, only one thing finally convinces him. Themes include differentiation between frog and toad tadpoles, metamorphosis, anxiety and humour.

This Story Book features:

A glossary of technical or tricky words.
Factual information about the tadpol e.
A fact-file of the frog's life cycle.
Two free downloadable worksheets.
Australian Science Curri culum links.
Stunning Australian photography.

About the Series: The Steve Parish Reptiles & Amphibians Story Bo ok range was written by award-winning author and primary school science teacher Rebecca Johnson, who has written more than 60 books for children . Her Steve Parish Insect story book range won the 2014 Whitley Award fo r Best Children's series.

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Format Paperback
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