Targeting Spelling Activity Book Year 3

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The Targeting Spelling Activity Book Series follows a carefully d eveloped scope and sequence that has been trialled extensively in classr ooms over many years with outstanding success. The Targeting Spelling Ac tivity Books support a step-by-step process towards achieving knowledge and understanding of the elements of spelling.

Each book fea tures:
? ? 32 units containing two word lists:
o See & Say ? ? these words target a particular spelling skill and provide a warm-up for the activities that follow.
o Look & Learn ? ? contains sight w ords that are used frequently in writing and need to be memorised.
? ? Memory Training ? ? appears throughout the book and encourages studen ts to remember the words they are practising.
? ? 4 Term Reviews ? ? to be completed after every 8 units.
? ? Pull-out answers ? ? in th e centre of the book.
? ? A complete overview of the series located on the inside front cover.

The Targeting Spelling Activity Book s follow the same developmental sequence as the Targeting Spelling Teach er Resource Book series published by Blake Education. They can be used t ogether, or the activity books can be used on their own. Download the Targeting Spelling Activity books 1-6 S cope and Sequence chart and see why this series of spelling workbook s is the most comprehensive available.
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