To the Summit: Why Should You Embrace an Ideal in Your Heart?

ISBN: 9781933241463
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After years of living in two of the richest countries on the planet, citizens of America and Japan don't seem to be any happier by the measurement of most psychologists today. Philosopher/entrepreneur Hiroshi Tasaka calls this the "Happiness Gap," and says it is the most important personal crisis that we all face. What good are the proceeds of our work if they do not make us any happier? Using a compelling mixture of Zen Buddhist philosophy and the teachings of Friedrich Nietzsche, Tasaka makes a logical argument for the adoption of a purpose in our lives. What sort of life would you be comfortable repeating, over and over again? What sort of life features growth as its central theme? How can we keep our eye on the future while remaining rooted in the present? Tasaka does not provide the answers for the reader, but he does show the importance of having a purpose, or ideal, in oneâ??s life. His unique minimalist prose will get a reader of any age inspired to find his true purpose in life. AUTHOR: Hiroshi Tasaka graduated from the University of Tokyo in 1981 with a PhD in nuclear engineering. He worked as a researcher in different capacities around the world until 2000, when he founded SophiaBank, a think tank that fosters and supports social entrepreneurs in order to propose new visions, policies and strategies that will bring about change in global society. Tasaka is a philosopher who has put forward new ideas about the philosophy of life and work; business and management styles; marketing and industrial strategies; social and government policies; and visions of the Internet revolution and the knowledge society. He has written over 40 books on these topics, all in an effort to help society grow towards a peaceful, affluent and purpose-driven harmony.
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