Train Your Brain: 60 Days to a Better Brain

ISBN: 9781933241159
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出版商: Kumon
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Rejuvenate your brain with simple calculation exercises. Train Your Brain: 60 Days to a Better Brain was a number-one bestseller in Japan, even outperforming the Harry Potter books at one time. And now, after selling over a million copies and inspiring countless copycats in its home country, this revolutionary title is available in an English-language edition! Designed especially for readers who want to keep their minds sharp and stave off the mental effects of aging, this book presents a complete 60 day program to build a better brain. The program consists of a daily worksheet of simple mathematical calculations that takes less than five minutes to complete. Each week, readers take a short pre-frontal cortex evaluation test to measure their progress. The world has long recognized that physical exercise helps maintain a healthy, well-working body. Now it's time to acknowledge that our brains need a regular work-out too! Train your Brain 60 Days to a Better Brain is your brain's best friend!