Under a Dark Angel's Eye

Disturbing, exhilarating, potent, savagely funny.
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Disturbing, exhilarating, potent, savagely funny.

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By opening this book, you've given Patricia Highsmith permission to follow you, catch you, take you apart. Get ready to run! A writer who has created a world of her own - a world claustrophobic and irrational which we enter each time with a sense of personal danger . . . Highsmith is the poet of apprehension Every story by the unparalleled master Patricia Highsmith shimmers like a dark gem as she turns her gimlet eye on domesticity, suburban madness, toxic families, the loneliness of childhood. Often mordantly funny and always psychologically acute, this collection is not to be missed. For eliciting the menace that lurks in familiar surroundings, there's no one like Patricia Highsmith - Time

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Author(s)Patricia Highsmith