At Age 4-5 (pre-prep or prep)

Children are taught phonics in prep or even in kinder.

Phonics involves learning the 44 letter sounds (known as phonemes) and understanding how they are represented in written form by a letter or letters (known as graphemes).

How do parents support the children learning at home?

1. Listen to your child read: try to find time to hear your child read every day. It could be at bedtime, or before school. Your patient and be impressed are very important to the child.

2. Read to your children: it's important to read and enjoy books together with your child. Listening to audiobooks is beneficial for your child when they can't read.

Watch Julia Donaldson, author of The Gruffalo, read stories Cat NapMum Bug’s BagSinging DadThe Odd PetThe Wrong Kind of Knight, Paula the Ve

3. choose proper books are the most important part of children's learning

Books for age 4–5

  1. Read with Oxford: Stage 1. Non-fiction: Animals and Us
  2. Read with Oxford: Stage 1. Non-fiction: Weather and Seasons
  3. Read with Oxford: Stage 2. The Bucket Rocket and Other Stories
  4. Read with Oxford: Stages 2-3. Phonics: My Storytelling Kit
  5. Progress with Oxford Addition and Subtraction Age 4-5
  6. Progress with Oxford Numbers and Counting up to 20 Age 4-5
  7. Oxford Reading Tree Biff, Chip and Kipper Level 2 Stories Pack of 6

More children books: 

  1. Read with Oxford
  2. Progress with Oxford
  3. Oxford reading tree (subject to stock availability check)
  4. Popular children books