Search books by ISBN, title and keyword(s), advanced search and full text search

In Search Store and Search keyword / ISBN, you can search by ISBN.

When you search by title, keyword(s) or advanced search, fragments of words and phrases included in product name / book title (and/or descriptions if such option is selected in advanced search) can be used. For example, make a search with "sho" and you will get products / books that have that fragment in their names / titles such as shoe, Photoshop. If you then in advanced search select "Search in product descriptions" then you will get more results (products that have that fragment in their descriptions).

The reason full text search is not working for a two letter word is "Search term minimum length is 3 characters". When we search two words with space each word will be taken as a separate string so the restriction will be applied for both strings. So just remove the words like "the" "of", 'and", "or" ... in your search.

Why your online store needs a wish list

What comes to your mind, when you hear the term” wish list”? The application of this feature is exactly how it sounds like: a list of things that you wish to get. As an online store owner, would you like your customers to be able to save products in a wish list so that they review or buy them later? Would you like your customers to be able to share their wish list with friends and family for gift giving?

Offering your customers a feature of wish list as part of shopping cart is a great way to build loyalty to your store site. Having the feature of wish list on a store site allows online businesses to engage with their customers in a smart way as it allows the shoppers to create a list of what they desire and their preferences for future purchase.

How a blog can help your growing e-Commerce business

When you start an online business, your main aim is to sell the products, right? As a business owner, you want to showcase your store to more audience. So, you decide to go on social media, why? Because everyone is doing it, then why shouldn’t you? It is tempting as everyone is aware of the hype that it is the best way to market your brand.

Do you know having a blog for your online store can be very helpful? Many businesses do not understand the importance of having a blog because they don’t have time to post quality content.

Today, we will talk about how a blog can play an important role for the growth of your e-Commerce business. Later, we will also discuss some tips that will be helpful to you for writing business related blog posts.