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Sinolingua Learning Tree Level 2: IB PYP Level 2 (10 books) 华语学习金字塔·2

2级·11.爱运动 We Love Sports 2级·12.该你接球了! You Are the Catcher! 2级·13.交通工具 Means of Transportation 2级·14.你叫什么名字? What Is Your Name? 2级·15.我爱你们! I Love You! 2级·16.为什么哭了? Why Are You Crying? 2级·17.你认识他吗? Do You Know Him? 2级·18.这个颜色好看吗? Does This Colour Look Good? 2级·19.去野餐 Having a Picnic 2级·20.穿戴 Getting Dressed
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Sinolingua Learning Tree: IB PYP 华语学习金字塔(套装)

Sinolingua Learning Tree Level 1 (10 Volumes) Features: 1. Focusing on the topics from IB PYP, MYP and the ab initio of the Diploma Programme. 2. Using selected vocabulary from the syllabi of YCT, IGCSE and IB tests 3. Each volume, complete with audio material and an e-book , is accompanied by exercises and a research project. 4. Incuding detailed teaching guide
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Ver esta imagen Pyramid of Chinese Learning (Level 3, 10 Volumes) (Chino) Tapa blanda

Level 3 (Set of 10 books) 1. What Days Are You Home 星期几在家 2. Whats on the Table 桌子上有什么东西 3. Playing Hide and Seek 玩儿捉迷藏 4.My Favorite Toy 我喜欢的玩具 5.Guess the Job 猜职业 6. How About This Dress 这件衣服怎么样 7. Fishing 钓鱼 8.Do You See That 你看见了吗 9.How Do You Get to Work 怎么来上班 10. Preparing for a Birthday Party 准备生日会
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