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Crime and Punishment Through Time

This is an SHP Official Text which means it has been created by the Schools History Project for use with the SHP specifications. Crime and Punishmen...

Darcy Devlin and the Mystery Boy

Darcy Devlin is an amateur private investigator. One day, he sees a boy acting strangely, and decides to follow him. He discovers the boy, Tai, is liv...

GCSE History for Edexcel: Crime & Punishment Through Time, C1000-Present

GCSE History for Edexcel has been created by an expert author team with deep, individualized subject knowledge and caters to a variety of learning sty...

Mystery in the Arctic

It was 1845, and Sir John Franklin was determined to sail across the Arctic and find a short cut from Europe to Asia. His expedition had all the best ...

OCR GCSE History SHP: Crime & Punishment c1250 to present


The April Fool's Day Mystery

Brent and Trudi have just moved into a new housing estate on a old farm and every morning since April Fools Day, a mysterious hole appears in their fr...

The Mystery at Number 7

Abby loves mystery stories. She is a member of the ABC Gang, a group always on the lookout for mystery. When an unusual neighbour moves in next door, ...

The Mystery of the Missing Bike

Isaac looked everywhere for his bike. He looked in the front garden. He looked in the back garden. He looked under his bed. But his bike was missing....

The Orange Grove Mystery

Charlie and his friends, Abby and Bec, are the ABC Gang ' and they're always on the lookout for mysteries to solve. When they go on holiday to Orange ...