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Discovering Geography - Lower Primary: What is the Weather Like? (Reading Level 11/F&P Level G)

What Is the Weather Like? How does the weather affect our life? Do all places have the same seasons? Explore different types of weather in this book. ...
$20.96 $18.86

Discovering Geography - Lower Primary: My Special Places (Reading Level 21/F&P Level L)

Where were you born? Do you still have a connection to that place? Do you have connections to other places? Explore special places and connections in ...
$20.96 $18.86

Discovering Geography - Lower Primary: What is a Map? (Reading Level 3/F&P Level C)

What Is a Map? Maps are pictures of places. They help us find things. Explore this book to find out about maps. How many maps can you use? Key conce...
$18.95 $17.06

Discovering Geography - Lower Primary: Sydney is a Fun Place, Too! (Reading Level 3/F&P Level C)

Kate is sad. She misses her old home. How can Zac help? Key concepts: Place, Sense of identity, and Simple map representations    A...
$14.95 $13.46

Discovering Geography - Lower Primary: Rainbow Serpent (Reading Level 3/F&P Level C)

Grandfather tells us stories. He draws the pictures in the sand. His story is Rainbow Serpent.         Key concepts: P...
$14.95 $13.46

Discovering Geography - Lower Primary: The Great Train Race (Reading Level 11/F&P Level G)

Ben is excited. He is going to the mountains. He may ride a train. He may go on a bush walk. Maybe he will race the train!     &nb...
$18.95 $17.06

Discovering Geography - Lower Primary: Daniel and the Puppet Master (Reading Level 21/F&P Level L)

Daniel was excited about visiting his pen pal. He had never been to Malaysia before. He had imagined what it could be like. But he never imagined that...
$20.96 $18.86

Discovering Geography - Lower Primary: Our Wonderful World (Reading Level 11/F&P Level G)

Look around you. You might see buildings, roads or fields.You might see trees, a river or hills. Explore this book to find out about some of the featu...
$20.96 $18.86

Discovering Geography (Middle Primary Nonfiction Topic Book): Living in Australia (Reading Level 27/F&P Level R)

Many people live in Australia. In this book, explore where and how they live, and discover some of the well-known natural and human features of Austra...
$20.96 $18.86