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Arabella and the Magic Pencil

Arabella is a beloved only child who has everything until her brother, Avery, arrives.
$24.99 $21.24

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know about Classical Music

The authors have set out to make the world of classical music accessible to all.
$29.99 $25.49

The Sugar and Spice Collection

SPECIFICATIONS: Hardcover | 245 x 255 mm /9½ x 10 Inches | Colour | 32 Pages |
$39.99 $33.99

Go Away, Worry Monster! (AGE: 6+)

Worry Monster loves ‘helping’ Archie to worry. Archie feels so anxious that his head hurts, his tummy flutters and his heart pounds. But he soon realizes that the only way to feel better is to make Worry Monster go away by challenging his fears and following a set of steps useful for helping any child to cope with their anxieties.
$24.99 $21.24