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Active voice

In a sentence with an active verb, the subject of the verb is doing the action. This is called the active voice.

What are active and passive sentences?

Would you sort the sentences to show whether they are in the active or passive voice?

Same washed the car.

The house was painted by Joe.

The carrot was eaten by the rabbit

George painted a picture.

Kate was driven to football practice by her dad.


A word or phrase that gives more information about a verb or clause. An adverbial can be an adverb, a phrase or a subordinate clause.

The bird ate the apple noisily.

The cat sleeps all day.

We’ll play when we get home.

What are fronted adverbials?

Fronted adverbials are adverbials placed at the beginning of a sentence. There is usually a comma after a fronted adverbial. Watch our short animation for more information.