How To Impress An Assessor During Your School Interview

Are You Ready For Your School Entrance Interview?


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Are You Ready For Your School Entrance Interview?

The process of preparing for a Scholarship, SEALP or selective schools exam can be a daunting process. Firstly, students are required to sit a gruelling 3 hour exam. After passing to a high enough standard, the process does not always end there. Students may still have another hurdle to clear: the daunting admission interview.

The admission interview is designed for schools to select students who they feel are aligned with the school’s values and are a cultural fit for the school. The challenge for many students is that, even if they are a ‘perfect fit’, they may not have the skills to communicate this clearly to their target school. Additionally, very few 12 – 14 year olds have had the experience of sitting an admissions interview – so they may not know what to expect or how to act.

This is exactly why we created this book.