When you fall....

If a person who falls, only cares about the pain at the moment, he will inevitably delay his journey; if a person who has been caught in the rain only complains about the impermanence of the weather, he is doomed to miss the rainbow after the rain. The bitterness handed by fate, instead of resisting and complaining in every possible way, it is better to drink it with a smile and wait for it to return. All the stories you have experienced and the grievances you have swallowed will invisibly expand your mind. "It's not the scriptures that make Tang monks become Tang monks, it's the way to get the scriptures." What transforms people in the process of being tempered by fate. Those rain and snow that have been drenched, and the trials that have been experienced, will eventually broaden your mind and feed your pattern. After the vicissitudes of life, people will eventually put on the armour for themselves and live a good life firmly and calmly.

Recommendations on the Life-changing books that give you comfort in hard times

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