In a happy world

In a happy world, there is no place for the lazy. When a person chooses to lie down when it is time to work hard, he will turn the laziness of today into the hardship of tomorrow, in exchange for a lifetime of misery. "One out of ten people in the world give up because of difficulties, and nine out of ten people fail because of laziness." Laziness leads to poverty, and laziness leads to defeat. The first step for the poor to counterattack is to get rid of laziness from the bones. Snakes grow up in moulting, gold is scouring out of the sand, massage is comforting after pain, and spring is prosperity through winter. Humans cannot be reborn in an instant. The essence of growth is to fight against pain again and again. When you get through the test of peeling and cramping, the good things in life will come as promised.