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9781925778717ST Daily Language Practice 1$19.95
9781925778724ST Daily Language Practice 2$19.95
9781922378088ST Daily Writing & Editing Practice Book 1$19.95
9781922378095ST Daily Writing & Editing Practice Book 2$19.95
9781922525949B ST EAL Year 11 - 2023 Study Design$39.95
9781925778311ST EAL Year 12 2nd ed (2018)$39.95
9781925778335B ST EAL Year 12 2nd (2018)$49.95
9781925175943ST Eng Language Exam Guide 3rd$35.95
9781925175967B ST Eng Lang Exam Guide 3rd$45.95
9781925316490ST English Language for SS$47.95
9781925316513B ST English Language for SS$57.95
9781922525925B ST English Year 11 - 2023 Study Design$39.95
9781922378347B ST English Year 12 2nd Ed 2021 - NEW BUNDLE PACK$44.95
9781922525987B ST Explore & Analyse Argument (2023)$39.95
9781922525222B Guide to Writing: A Writer's Toolkit$29.95
9781925175691B ST Insight Eng Skills Yr7 2e$19.95
9781925175707B ST Insight Eng Skills Yr8 2e$19.95
9781925175714B ST Insight Eng Skills Yr9 2e$19.95
9781925485912B ST Insight Issues For & Agai$24.95
9781925778601B ST Insight Issues Junior$24.95
9781922525284B ST Key Skills for Senior English 2nd Edition$29.95
9781922525963B ST Literature 6th ed (2023)$49.95
9781925778571ST Practice and Prepare$24.95
9781922378286ATAR English Exam Practice$19.95
9781925778861B ST Year 11 English in WA$46.95
9781925778205B ST Year 12 English in WA$54.95
9781925778267B EG Literature - 2nd Edition$24.95
9781922378194VCE EAL SAC & Exam Guide$19.95
9781925778885VCE English SAC & Exam Guide$19.95
9781925485899B ST Film Analysis 2nd ed$49.95
9781922525253B ST Insight English Handbook 2nd edition$29.95
9781921411809B ST Literature Handbook$54.95
9781921411915TG  A Christmas Carol$18.95
9781925175325B TG  A Christmas Carol$24.95
9781921411076TG  A Farewell to Arms$18.95
9781920693077TG  A Lesson Before Dying$18.95
9781921088629TG  A Man for all Seasons$18.95
9781925134094TG  A Separation$18.95
9781925175332B TG  A Separation$24.95
9781921088988TG  A Streetcar Named Desire$18.95
9781922378439B TG  A Streetcar Named Desire$24.95
9781920693596TG  A View from the Bridge$18.95
9781925485677TG  After Darkness$18.95
9781925485691B TG  After Darkness$24.95
9781922243119TG  All About Eve$18.95
9781925175349B TG  All About Eve$24.95
9781925485639TG  All the Light We Cannot See$18.95
9781925485950B TG  All the Light We Cannot$24.95
9781875882281TG  Angela's Ashes$18.95
9781925485516B TG  Angela's Ashes$24.95
9781921411816TG  Animal Farm$18.95
9781925316568B TG  Animal Farm$24.95
9781925134087TG  Away$18.95
9781925175356B TG  Away$24.95
9781922771087TG  Bad Dreams and Other Stories$18.95
9781922771100B TG  Bad Dreams and Other Stories$24.95
9781925316896TG  Behind the Beautiful Foreve$18.95
9781925316919B TG  Behind the Beautiful Fore$24.95
9781925134100TG  Billy Elliot$18.95
9781925175363B TG  Billy Elliot$24.95
9781875882304TG  Blade Runner$18.95
9781922525093B TG  Blade Runner$24.95
9781920693985TG  Blueprints for a BWC$18.95
9781920693329TG  Border Crossing$18.95
9781922771261TG  Born a Crime$18.95
9781922771285B TG  Born a Crime$24.95
9781921411823TG  Brave New World$18.95
9781920693084TG  Breaker Morant$18.95
9781875882120TG  Brilliant Lies$18.95
9781922150868TG  Brooklyn$18.95
9781925175370B TG  Brooklyn$24.95
9781925134117TG  Burial Rites$18.95
9781925175387B TG  Burial Rites$24.95
9781875882335TG  Cabaret$18.95
9781921411922TG  Cat's Eye$18.95
9781921088636TG  Citizen Kane$18.95
9781921411014TG  Cloudstreet$18.95
9781925175394B TG  Cloudstreet$24.95
9781921088698TG  Collected Stories-Farmer$18.95
9781921411045TG  Cosi$18.95
9781875882410TG  Dead Letter Office$18.95
9781921411052TG  Dead Poets Society$18.95
9781921411830TG  Death of a Salesman$18.95
9781925175417B TG  Death of a Salesman$24.95
9781875882328TG  Diving for Pearls$18.95
9781920693992TG  Don't Start Me Talking$18.95
9781922525154B TG  Don’t Start Me Talking$24.95
9781875882700TG  Dream Stuff$18.95
9781922378965B TG  Dream Stuff$24.95
9781921411618TG  Dreams from My Father$18.95
9781921411625TG  Emma$18.95
9781922243294TG  Every Man in This Village$18.95
9781925175424B TG  Every Man in This Village$24.95
9781925485851TG  Extinction$18.95
9781925485875B TG  Extinction$24.95
9781922525611TG  Fahrenheit 451$18.95
9781922525635B TG  Fahrenheit 451$24.95
9781875882380TG  Falling$18.95
9781922378132TG  False Claims of Colonial Thieves$18.95
9781922378156B TG  False Claims of Colonial Thieves$24.95
9781921088063TG  Fine Line$18.95
9781875882717TG  First They Killed My Father$18.95
9781922378057TG  Flames$18.95
9781922378071B TG  Flames$24.95
9781875882137TG  Fly Away Peter$18.95
9781922378781B TG  Fly Away Peter$24.95
9781921411397TG  Frankenstein$18.95
9781925316377B TG  Frankenstein$24.95
9781920693091TG  Gattaca$18.95
9781925316346B TG  Gattaca$24.95
9781921088001TG  Generals Die in Bed$18.95
9781922378903B TG  Generals Die in Bed$24.95
9781875882724TG  Girl with a Pearl Earring$18.95
9781922525017B TG  Girl with a Pearl Earring$24.95
9781922378101TG  Go Went Gone$18.95
9781922378125B TG  Go Went Gone$24.95
9781875882373TG  Going Home$18.95
9781921411021TG  Great Expectations$18.95
9781921088704TG  Great Short Works-Poe$18.95
9781922525437TG  Growing Up Asian in Australia$18.95
9781922525451B TG  Growing Up Asian in Australia$24.95
9781920693367TG  Hamlet$18.95
9781925316582B TG  Hamlet$24.95
9781921088643TG  Hard Times$18.95
9781922378804B TG  Hard Times$24.95
9781922525994TG  Hatchet$18.95
9781922771018B TG  Hatchet$24.95
9781925175974TG  Heart of Darkness$18.95
9781925175998B TG  Heart of Darkness$24.95
9781921411403TG  Henry IV$18.95
9781925175769B TG  Henry IV Part 1$24.95
9781920693107TG  Henry Lawson's Sht. Stories$18.95
9781922378989B TG  Henry Lawson's Sht. Stories$24.95
9781922771209TG  High Ground (dir. Stephen Johnson)$18.95
9781922771223B TG  High Ground (dir. Stephen Johnson)$24.95
9781921088650TG  Home$18.95
9781925778519TG  I Am Malala$18.95
9781925778533B TG  I Am Malala$24.95
9781920693114TG  I for Isobel$18.95
9781925175660B TG  I for Isobel$24.95
9781920693602TG  If This is a Man$18.95
9781920693633TG  I'm Not Scared$18.95
9781925316247B TG  I'm Not Scared$24.95
9781925485790TG  In Cold Blood$18.95
9781925485813B TG  In Cold Blood$24.95
9781922150981TG  In The Country Of Men$18.95
9781925175431B TG  In the Country of Men$24.95
9781875882113TG  In the Lake of the Woods$18.95
9781921088018TG  Inheritance$18.95
9781922378927B TG  Inheritance$24.95
9781921088735TG  Into Thin Air$18.95
9781925485929TG  Invictus$18.95
9781925485943B TG  Invictus$24.95
9781925316032TG  Island$18.95
9781925316056B TG  Island$24.95
9781920693121TG  Jackson's Track$18.95
9781921411847TG  Jane Eyre$18.95
9781922525376TG  Jasper Jones$18.95
9781922525390B TG  Jasper Jones$24.95
9781921411885TG  Julius Caesar$18.95
9781922378866B TG  Julius Caesar$24.95
9781921411632TG  King Lear$18.95
9781920693565TG  Lantana$18.95
9781922150783TG  Life of Galileo$18.95
9781925175448B TG  Life of Galileo$24.95
9781925134124TG  Life of Pi$18.95
9781925175455B TG  Life of Pi$24.95
9781925485820TG  Like a House on Fire$18.95
9781925485844B TG  Like a House on Fire$24.95
9781921088667TG  Look Both Ways$18.95
9781922771025TG  Looking for Alibrandi$18.95
9781922771049B TG  Looking for Alibrandi$24.95
9781922525345TG  Lord of the Flies$18.95
9781922525369B TG  Lord of the Flies$24.95
9781922243263TG  Mabo$18.95
9781925175462B TG  Mabo$24.95
9781921088605TG  Macbeth$18.95
9781925175479B TG  Macbeth$24.95
9781875882069TG  Maestro$18.95
9781925316001TG  Measure for Measure$18.95
9781925316025B TG  Measure for Measure$24.95
9781875882274TG  Medea$18.95
9781925175684B TG  Medea$24.95
9781920693589TG  Minimum of Two$18.95
9781922378880B TG  Minimum of Two$24.95
9781875882311TG  Montana 1948$18.95
9781925778427TG  Much Ado About Nothing$18.95
9781925778441B TG  Much Ado About Nothing$24.95
9781922771322TG  Never Let Me Go$18.95
9781922771346B TG  Never Let Me Go$24.95
9781875882489TG  Night$18.95
9781925175486B TG  Night$24.95
9781925485967TG  Nine Days$18.95
9781925485981B TG  Nine Days$24.95
9781921088674TG  Nineteen Eighty-Four$18.95
9781925778823B TG  Nineteen Eighty Four$24.95
9781875882731TG  No Great Mischief$18.95
9781922243171TG  No Sugar$18.95
9781925175493B TG  No Sugar$24.95
9781920693138TG  Oedipus the King$18.95
9781922378941B TG  Oedipus the King$24.95
9781921088681TG  Of Love and Shadows$18.95
9781922525550TG  Of Mice and Men$18.95
9781922525574B TG  Of Mice and Men$24.95
9781875882434TG  One True Thing$18.95
9781875882298TG  Only the Heart$18.95
9781875882359TG  Othello$18.95
9781922378415B TG  Othello$24.95
9781925778489TG  Past The Shallows$18.95
9781925778502B TG  Past the Shallows$24.95
9781925485769TG  Persepolis$18.95
9781925485783B TG  Persepolis$24.95
9781922378729TG  Picnic at Hanging Rock$18.95
9781922378743B TG  Picnic at Hanging Rock$24.95
9781921411410TG  Pride and Prejudice$18.95
9781925778762B TG  Pride and Prejudice$24.95
9781922771117TG  Rainbow's End$18.95
9781922771131B TG  Rainbow's End$24.95
9781921411649TG  Ransom$18.95
9781922378552B TG  Ransom$24.95
9781925485707TG  Rear Window$18.95
9781925485721B TG  Rear Window$24.95
9781922771230TG  Requiem for a Beast$18.95
9781922771254B TG  Requiem for a Beast$24.95
9781921088711TG  Richard III$18.95
9781925316605B TG  Richard III$24.95
9781921411656TG  Romeo and Juliet$18.95
9781925316261B TG  Romeo and Juliet$24.95
9781920693626TG  Romulus, My Father$18.95
9781925778397TG  Runaway$18.95
9781925778410B TG  Runaway$24.95
9781921088728TG  Selected Poems-Slessor$18.95
9781922378576B TG  Selected Poems – Slessor$24.95
9781921088025TG  Selected Poems-Sylvia Plath$18.95
9781922378590B TG  Selected Poems – Sylvia Plath$24.95
9781921088896TG  Selected Poems-Wordsworth's$18.95
9781925778847B TG  Selected Poems-Wordsworth$24.95
9781875882441TG  Shakespeare in Love$18.95
9781921088032TG  Sky Burial$18.95
9781922004031TG  Stasiland$18.95
9781925175509B TG  Stasiland$24.95
9781925485998TG  Station Eleven$18.95
9781925778014B TG  Station Eleven$24.95
9781875882748TG  Stolen$18.95
9781922525079B TG  Stolen$24.95
9781925485738TG  Stories We Tell$18.95
9781925485752B TG  Stories We Tell$24.95
9781922004048TG  Summer of the 17th Doll$18.95
9781925175783B TG  Summer of the Seventeenth$24.95
9781922771148TG  Sunset Boulevard (dir. Billy Wilder)$18.95
9781922771162B TG  Sunset Boulevard (dir. Billy Wilder)$24.95
9781920693343TG  Tess of the D'Urbervilles$18.95
9781922525260TG  The 7 Stages of Grieving$18.95
9781922525307B TG  The 7 Stages of Grieving$24.95
9781921088049TG  The Accidental Tourist$18.95
9781920693374TG  The Age of Innocence$18.95
9781921088056TG  The Baghdad Blog$18.95
9781922525673TG  The Bone Sparrow$18.95
9781922525697B TG  The Bone Sparrow$24.95
9781925778540TG  The Boy Behind the Curtain$18.95
9781925778564B TG  The Boy Behind the Curtai$24.95
9781922525468TG  The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas$18.95
9781922525482B TG  The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas$24.95
9781922525499TG  The Castle$18.95
9781922525512B TG  The Castle$24.95
9781921088834TG  The Catcher in the Rye$18.95
9781922378842B TG  The Catcher in the Rye$24.95
9781920693305TG  The Chant of Jimmie Black-$18.95
9781922243140TG  The Complete Maus$18.95
9781925175516B TG  The Complete Maus$24.95
9781921088827TG  The Crucible$18.95
9781925175523B TG  The Crucible$24.95
9781920693619TG  The Curious Incident of the$18.95
9781922378613B TG  The Curious Incident of the Dog$24.95
9781875882366TG  The Divine Wind$18.95
9781922525406TG  The Dressmaker$18.95
9781922525420B TG  The Dressmaker$24.95
9781922378163TG  The Erratics$18.95
9781922378187B TG  The Erratics$24.95
9781875882663TG  The Freedom of the City$18.95
9781922525642TG  The Giver$18.95
9781922525666B TG  The Giver$24.95
9781925316865TG  The Golden Age$18.95
9781925316889B TG  The Golden Age$24.95
9781875882083TG  The Great Gatsby$18.95
9781922378637B TG  The Great Gatsby$24.95
9781922525581TG  The Handmaid's Tale$18.95
9781922525604B TG  The Handmaid's Tale$24.95
9781922525314TG  The Happiest Refugee$18.95
9781922525338B TG  The Happiest Refugee$24.95
9781922771056TG  The Hate U Give$18.95
9781922771070B TG  The Hate U Give$24.95
9781920693350TG  The Hunter$18.95
9781921411007TG  The Importance Being Earnes$18.95
9781921088070TG  The Kite Runner$18.95
9781925316834TG  The Left Hand of Darkness$18.95
9781925316858B TG  The Left Hand of Darkness$24.95
9781925134131TG  The Lieutenant$18.95
9781925175530B TG  The Lieutenant$24.95
9781875882106TG  The Longest Memory$18.95
9781922378675B TG  The Longest memory$24.95
9781925316063TG  The Man Who Loved Children$18.95
9781925316087B TG  The Man Who Loved Childre$24.95
9781925778458TG  The Merchant of Venice$18.95
9781925778472B TG  The Merchant of Venice$24.95
9781922243232TG  The Mind of a Thief$18.95
9781925175547B TG  The Mind of a Thief$24.95
9781925134148TG  The Motorcycle Diaries$18.95
9781925175554B TG  The Motorcycle Diaries$24.95
9781921411663TG  The Old Man who Read Love S$18.95
9781875882458TG  The Outsider$18.95
9781922378767B TG  The Outsider$24.95
9781920693510TG  The Penguin Book of WW1 P$18.95
9781920693756TG  The Plague$18.95
9781875882465TG  The Player$18.95
9781920693336TG  The Quiet American$18.95
9781922525055B TG  The Quiet American$24.95
9781921411670TG  The Reluctant Fundamentalis$18.95
9781925175561B TG  The Reluctant Fundamental$24.95
9781921411038TG  The Rugmaker of Mazar-e-Sha$18.95
9781921411854TG  The Scarlet Letter$18.95
9781921088841TG  The Secret River$18.95
9781925316308B TG  The Secret River$24.95
9781921088940TG  The Shark Net$18.95
9781920693572TG  The Stories of Tobias Wolff$18.95
9781922525529TG  The Taming of the Shrew$18.95
9781922525543B TG  The Taming of the Shrew$24.95
9781922243676TG  The Thing Around Your Neck$18.95
9781925175585B TG  The Thing Around Your Nec$24.95
9781875882694TG  The Things They Carried$18.95
9781922378828B TG  The Things They Carried$24.95
9781920693152TG  The Third Man$18.95
9781922378033TG  The White Earth$18.95
9781922378316B TG  The White Earth$24.95
9781925134155TG  The White Tiger$18.95
9781925175592B TG  The White Tiger$24.95
9781920693169TG  The Wife of Martin Guerre$18.95
9781922525031B TG  The Wife of Martin Guerre$24.95
9781925778021TG  The Women of Troy$18.95
9781925778045B TG  The Women of Troy$24.95
9781875882762TG  The Year of Living Danger-$18.95
9781922771292TG  The Yield$18.95
9781922771315B TG  The Yield$24.95
9781875882755TG  Things Fall Apart$18.95
9781925778748B TG  Things Fall Apart$24.95
9781921411793TG  Things We Didn't See Coming$18.95
9781925316629B TG  Things we didn't see comi$24.95
9781922243997TG  This Boy's Life$18.95
9781925175608B TG  This Boy's Life$24.95
9781921411687TG  To Kill a Mockingbird$18.95
9781922378699B TG  To Kill a Mockingbird$24.95
9781875882472TG  Triage$18.95
9781921411694TG  Twelve Angry Men$18.95
9781925175615B TG  Twelve Angry Men$24.95
9781925134162TG  Unpolished Gem$18.95
9781925175622B TG  Unpolished Gem$24.95
9781922243201TG  Wag the Dog$18.95
9781925175639B TG  Wag the Dog$24.95
9781922378040TG  We Are All Completely Beside Ourselves$18.95
9781922378330B TG  We Are All Completely Beside Ourselves$24.95
9781922771179TG  We Have Always Lived in the Castle$18.95
9781922771193B TG  We Have Always Lived in the Castle$24.95
9781921088902TG  What's Eating Gilbert$18.95
9781925316285B TG  WhatÆs Eating Gilbert Gra$24.95
9781925134179TG  Wild Cat Falling$18.95
9781925175646B TG  Wild Cat Falling$24.95
9781921411861TG  Wuthering Heights$18.95
9781925175813B TG  Wuthering Heights$24.95
9781921088742TG  Year of Wonders$18.95
9781925485165B TG  Year of Wonders$24.95
9781925485400B STISP A Mid Summer 2nd ed$27.95
9781925485448B STISP Hamlet 2nd ed$27.95
9781925485479B STISP Julius Caesar 2nd ed$27.95
9781925485509B STISP King Lear 2nd ed$27.95
9781925485530B STISP Macbeth 2nd ed$27.95
9781925485561B STISP Othello 2nd ed$27.95
9781925485592B STISP R & J Abridged 2nd ed$27.95
9781925485622B STISP R & J Full 2nd ed$27.95
9781925485653B STISP The Merchant 2nd ed$27.95
9781925485110B Comp Black Diggers/Longest M$24.95
9781925485141B Comp Bombshells/Penelopiad$24.95
9781925778069B Comp Charlie's Country & Tra$24.95
9781925316704B Comp I am Malala/Made in Dag$24.95
9781925778700B Comp I Am Malala & Pride$24.95
9781925316735B Comp Into the Wild/Tracks$24.95
9781925485080B Comp Joyful Strains/Namesake$24.95
9781925778120B Comp Never Let Me go & Stasi$24.95
9781925316797B Comp Nineteen Eighty-Four/St$24.95
9781925778960B Comp Photograph 51/ My Brilliant Career$24.95
9781925778106B Comp Photograph 51 & The Pen$24.95
9781925316766B Comp Invictus/Ransom$24.95
9781925778946B Comp Reckoning/ Brooklyn$24.95
9781925778083B Comp Reckoning & The Namesak$24.95
9781925778687B Comp 7 Stages & Longest$24.95
9781925778663B Comp The Crucible and Dress$24.95
9781925316827B Comp The Crucible/Year of Wo$24.95
9781925778908B Comp The Hate Race/ Charlie's Country$24.95
9781925778649B Comp The Queen & Ransom$24.95
9781925778922B Comp Things we didn't see/Never Let me go$24.95
9781922243836B SB Grammar & Punct Bk 1$15.95
9781922243867B SB Grammar & Punct Bk 2$15.95
9781922243898B SB Spelling & Vocab Book 1$15.95
9781922243928B SB Spelling & Vocab Book 2$15.95
9781922243959B SB Writing Skills Book 1$15.95
9781922243980B SB Writing Skills Book 2$15.95
9781922243843B SB Teachers Guide Book 1$29.95
9781922243904B SB Teachers Guide Book 2$29.95
9781925134001B Achieve Practise Std Bk 1$15.95
9781925134018B Achieve Practise Std Bk 2$15.95
9781925134056B Achieve Student Worksh Bk 1$15.95
9781925134063B Achieve Student Worksh Bk 2$15.95
9781925134025B Achieve Test Teach Bk 1$69.95
9781925134032B Achieve Test Teach Bk 2$69.95
9781925134049B Achieve Test Teach Bk 3$69.95
9781925485578YK Flash Cards - 2019$39.95
9781875882168YK Workbook Primary 1$15.95
9781875882205YK Workbook Primary 2$15.95
9781875882182YK Workbook Primary 3$15.95
9781875882229YK Workbook Primary 4$15.95
9781875882496YK Workbook Primary 5$15.95
9781875882243YK Workbook Primary 6$15.95
9781875882175YK Workbook Secondary Beginner$19.95
9781875882199YK Teacher's Book L1-3$24.95
9781875882250YK Teacher's Book L4$24.95
9781875882502YK Teachers' Book L5$24.95
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Guide to Writing: A student toolkit

Aimed at middle-years students and supporting the Australian Curriculum for English, Guide to Writing: A student toolkit is designed to equip students with the tools they need to become capable and confident writers.

Insight Skills Builders Writing Skills Book 1

Insight Skills Builders Series, Purchase title in Print + Insight Digital formats.

Insight Skills Builders Writing Skills Book 2

Insight Skills Builders Series, Purchase title in Print + Insight Digital formats.

English Year 11 2nd edition + Bonus digital book

Insight’s English Year 11 2nd edition is a comprehensive and practical guide to Units 1 and 2 of VCE English. The text now comes with a 200-page digital Bonus Book of articles and essays on a wide range of popular texts and text pairs.

English Year 12 2nd edition + Bonus digital book

Insight’s English Year 12 2nd edition is a comprehensive and practical guide to Units 3 and 4 of VCE English.

Daily Language Practice Book 1

Aimed at students in Years 7 and 8, Daily Language Practice Book 1 and Daily Language Practice Book 2 are the perfect supplementary resources for students at a range of skill levels. Ideal for daily warm-ups, homework tasks or informal assessments, the variety of exercises across each title cover a wide range of topics to engage students.

Daily Language Practice Book 2

Aimed at students in Years 7 and 8, Daily Language Practice Book 1 and Daily Language Practice Book 2 are the perfect supplementary resources for students at a range of skill levels. Ideal for daily warm-ups, homework tasks or informal assessments, the variety of exercises across each title cover a wide range of topics to engage students.

Daily Writing & Editing Practice Book 1

Supporting the Australian Curriculum for English, Insight’s Daily Writing & Editing Practice series is designed to develop and reinforce students’ writing and editing skills through targeted daily exercises.

Daily Writing & Editing Practice Book 2

Aimed at middle-years students and supporting the Australian Curriculum for English, Guide to Writing: A student toolkit is designed to equip students with the tools they need to become capable and confident writers.