Smart people know how to take the initiative to suffer

"It's as wrong to be careful with your heart, but to step back and think about everything." Smart people know how to take the initiative to suffer, because if you give in one step, others will often give in more, and the original dispute will become a comforting thing of mutual courtesy. People are mutual. If you care about me, I will care about you. If you are a person like this, you will not only feel at ease at the moment but also create good relationships. Life is alive, doing things is being a person, being generous, and suffering a little loss when things happen, all you get is good luck. In life, only if you know how to advance and retreat, and if you can bend and stretch, can you move forward freely. In this life, in order to truly live comfortably, at any time and in any position, one must not be afraid of suffering, maintain modesty, and be kind. Only in this way can you truly see everything in the world and yourself clearly, you will be thoughtful in your dealings with others, and your life and career will be smooth.

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