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A New Lawyer’s Guide to Getting it Right the First Time

Drawing upon her more than 30 years’ experience as a specialist lawyer, Susan Marie Hill draws uses proven coaching techniques to break down into prac...
$109.00 包含稅 $92.65 包含稅

A Practical Guide to Investment Treaties – Asia Pacific

In this complex area of law a concise and practical guide has been missing - until now. A Practical Guide to Investment Treaties – Asia Pacific offers...
$173.00 包含稅 $147.05 包含稅

Accounting for Dollars: Thinking with Sense

Accounting for Dollars: Thinking with sense is a plain English guide to accounting. Accounting can be daunting to learn, particularly if you are comin...
$54.00 包含稅 $45.90 包含稅

Administrative Appeals Tribunal, 5th edition

Administrative Appeals Tribunal is for practitioners, migration agents, tribunal members, government decision-makers and others requiring a detailed y...
$191.99 包含稅 $163.19 包含稅

Advocacy: An Introduction

Advocacy: An Introduction is the modern guide to advocacy by two recognised experts. Covering both criminal and civil styles, it concentrates predomin...
$121.00 包含稅 $102.85 包含稅

Alternative Dispute Resolution - A Custom Publication for the School of Law, University of New England, 2nd edition

This publication was produced by LexisNexis for students undertaking study in Alternative Dispute Resolution at the School of Law, University of New E...
$138.00 包含稅 $117.30 包含稅

An Annotated Guide to the Human Rights Act 2019 (Qld)

The Human Rights Act 2019 (Qld) introduced human rights obligations into Queensland that affect all new legislation and require public entities to con...
$110.00 包含稅 $93.50 包含稅

Animal Law in Australia: An Integrated Approach, 2nd edition

The second edition of this highly regarded work combines the philosophical and ethical dimensions of animal law with the practical, legal and regulato...
$131.00 包含稅 $111.35 包含稅

Annotated Administrative Appeals Legislation, 4th edition

This fully revised and updated edition of Annotated Administrative Appeals Legislation, extracted from the well-renowned Practice and Procedure High C...
$132.00 包含稅 $112.20 包含稅