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A thought-provoking and compassionate novel from the award-winning author of Boy Overboard, Girl Underground and the Felix stories- Once, Then, Now, A...
$16.99 $13.59

Wicked! Bind Up

Something very weird is happening to Dawn and Rory. And it's not just their new step-family. Slurping slobberers want to suck their bones out. Strange...
$19.99 $15.99

Boy Overboard

A story of adventure, ball control and hope. Jamal and Bibi have a dream. To lead Australia to soccer glory in the next World Cup. But first they must...
$16.99 $13.59

Deadly! Bindup

A six-volume bind-up from two of Australia's most loved and best selling authors!ALL SIX BOOKS IN ONE!Join Amy and Sprocket as they uncover deadly sec...
$19.99 $15.99

Girl Underground

A story of friendship, courage and a bit of crime. Bridget wants a quiet life. Including, if possible, keeping her parents out of prison. Then a boy c...
$16.99 $13.59


Once I escaped from an orphanage to find my Mum and Dad. Once I saved a girl called Zelda from a burning house. Once I made a Nazi with toothache laug...
$16.99 $13.59

Help Around the House

The funny and moving story of a boy and his friends never losing heart in a sometimes heartless world. Perfect for 8+ readers.Ludo helps other people...
$16.99 $13.59


The much-anticipated final journey in the story of Felix, hero of Morris Gleitzman's multi-award-winning Once, Then, Now, After, Soon and Maybe.It's f...
$19.99 $15.99


The next powerful episode in the life of Felix, hero of Morris Gleitzman's multi-award-winning Once, Then, Now, After and Soon.1946. Europe is in ruin...
$19.99 $15.99