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1,000 Facts about Dinosaurs, Fossils, and Prehistoric Life

From dinosaurs like Stegosaurus and Giganotosaurus that ruled the land, to the mammoths and giant sloths that followed them, discover all you have eve...
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A World Together

Manzano's lyrical prose combined with stunning photography of people from dozens of countries around the world explores how all of our lives are enric...
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Animal ShowdownRound 3

Wolverines and weasels battle it out for nastiest reputation. Chameleons and cuttlefish vie for the most-colourful crown. Scorpions and jellyfish make...
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Brain Candy 2

So you know that the speed of light is fast: 229,792,458 miles per second. But what does that really mean? It means that at the speed of light, you co...
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Brain Games 2 Mighty Book of Mind Benders

Train your brain with all kinds of fun new challenges that will unleash your creativity and bring out the genius within. You'll find crosswords, word ...
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Brain Games 3Cranium-Crushers

Prepare to have your mind blown! Inside this book you'll find mind-bending games and puzzles that are backed by the latest neuroscience discoveries an...
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Doggy Defenders Cadi the Farm Dog

In this endearing read-aloud picture book, readers meet farm dog Cadi and follow her as she spends an exciting day at work. Gorgeous photography bring...
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Everything Dinosaurs

Packed with facts and tantalising anecdotes from experts and bursting with colour photographs, learn all about dinosaurs in this fresh take on the sub...
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Explorer Academy - The Star Dunes

A major discovery forces the Explorer Academy into the limelight in The Star Dunes, but Cruz has much more on his mind than 15 minutes of fame. A new ...
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