Phonics Books

1. Bug Club Phonics series (4 - 5 years old) of the Letters and Sounds criteria for teaching systematic synthetic phonics and provides everything needed to help children succeed in early reading: A solid foundation in reading for all; Comfortable and confident learners; A rich and varied reading experience; Frequent and detailed assessment

2. My New Book of Words for Years 1 - 4: features commonly used words, illustrated examples and ample space for children to record their own words. Illustrated ‘theme’ pages include detailed illustrations for students to discover new words.

Listen & Learn Phonics: Cow Takes a Bow

This charming tale from the popular Phonics Readers series has been specially adapted into a new, board book format, complete with embedded sound chip...
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My Bridging To English Phonics

My Bridging to English: Phonics is an essential companion to My Bridging to English Dictionary and My Bridging to English: Words in Context.  It is designed to help students in the lower primary years to use and explore a variety of letter and letter
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Peppa Pig: First Phonics

Learn at home by practising first phonics with Peppa and her friends in this colourful sticker activity book. Single letters and sounds are introduced...
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Pete The Cat Phonics Box: Includes 12 Mini-Books Featuring Short and Long Vowel Sounds

This set of 12 simple and fun Pete the Cat storybooks is an excellent choice to share during homeschooling. It's a fun way to learn to read and as a s...
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Phonics Bug Phase 2: A Bad Lad (Reading Level 2/F&P Level B)

Fin is a bad lad. When he tries to rob a bank, his plans are foiled by policeman Stan, who swiftly locks him up....
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Phonics Bug Phase 2: A Big Mess (Reading Level 2/F&P Level B)

The Alphablocks make a bath tub. It fills up and overflows with soapy water, until they do word magic to switch the tap off....
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Phonics Bug Phase 2: Big Fat Rat (Reading Level 2/F&P Level B)

Greedy Rat tucks into some leftover birthday cake. The children are worried when Rat falls asleep, but it seems he just needs to take a nap!...
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Phonics Bug Phase 2: Cat and Dog (Reading Level 1/F&P Level A)

The Alphablocks make a cat and a dog. They start to chase each other, so the Alphablocks make them some food to calm them down....
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Phonics Bug Phase 2: Dig, Sid, Dig! (Reading Level 1/F&P Level A)

Nan is working hard in the garden, while Sid relaxes in a hammock. But when Nan discovers a buried tin, Sid decides he's interested after all......
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