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Oxford Australian First Dictionary

Headwords: 1500+
$22.95 $19.51

Oxford Australian Junior Dictionary

Headwords: 4500+
$27.95 $23.76

Oxford Children's Colour Dictionary

An updated new edition giving extra homework and spelling help.
$17.95 $17.05

Oxford Children's Dictionary

Over 30,000 words, with clear and accessible meanings and age-appropriate example sentences, make this an ideal dictionary for helping children aged 8+ with homework.
$24.95 $23.70

Oxford Children's Rhyming Dictionary

The Oxford Children's Rhyming Dictionary is the perfect tool to help children write their own poetry. The alphabetical list of words that rhyme and index of sounds make it simple to find a rhyme, as well as reinforcing spelling skills. These are accompanied by lively illustrations, and lots of amusing and inspiring poems by John Foster.
$22.95 $21.80

Oxford First Illustrated Dictionary

A beautifully illustrated, alphabetical first dictionary to engage children and encourage first literacy skills. Jokes, riddles, anagrams, and rhyming words create a fun introduction to words and language. Share in the delight of discovering the magic of the words and all the language information in the brightly coloured pictures on every page.
$21.95 $20.85

Oxford Mini School French Dictionary 2012

The Oxford Mini School French Dictionary comes in a handy mini format and is ideal for use in the classroom or at home, with excellent curriculum vocabulary coverage, verb tables with English translations, and cultural information and phrases on French life that is especially useful for going on holiday.
$16.95 $16.10

Oxford Mini School Thesaurus 2016

An up-to-date new edition of this bestselling, comprehensive classroom classic, with new curriculum support. Focused coverage of words, synonyms and antonyms help to improve writing skills, for creative writing and non-fiction. Essential spelling, grammar
$15.95 $15.15

Oxford School Dictionary and Thesaurus 2012

A one-stop dictionary & thesaurus for upper primary students.
$26.95 $25.60

Oxford School Dictionary of Word Origins

The Oxford School Dictionary of Word Origins is the only dictionary of word origins for schools, featuring histories of many thousands of words. Also includes a thematic topic section ideal for project work.
$24.95 $23.70

Australian Advanced Primary Oxford Dictionary

The Australian Advanced Primary Oxford Dictionary 2E is a user-friendly, comprehensive resource specifically compiled for Upper Primary students. Headwords: 50,000+
$29.95 $25.46

Australian First Oxford Thesaurus

The Australian First Oxford Thesaurus is the most up-to-date primary thesaurus available in Australia, designed to encourage Australian primary school students to expand their vocabulary and increase their confidence in reading and writing. Synonyms: 20,000+
$27.95 $23.76

Australian Primary Oxford Dictionary 5E

The Australian Primary Oxford Dictionary is an essential reference for Australian Upper Primary students with appendix words that identify core words in key learning areas. Now in its fifth edition, this authoritative source on Australian English has been updated with new and revised headwords and phrases based on the latest Australian-language research. Headwords: 14,000+
$29.95 $25.46

Australian Primary Oxford Thesaurus 2E

The Australian Primary Thesaurus is an essential reference for children aged 10–12, as they build word knowledge skills to utilise in their writing. Synonyms: 150,000+
$29.95 $25.46

My Personal Dictionary

Ideal for writing across the curriculum My Personal Dictionary 3rd Edition have been constructed using the high-frequency Oxford Wordlist words.
$11.95 $11.35