Selective School and Scholarship Resource Update

2023年7月13日 星期四

In 2023, ACER announced a major reform of its scholarship and selective school entrance tests. This reform included changes to the format and content of the tests, as well as the way that scores are interpreted. As a result, many books have been updated to reflect the changes to include verbal reasoning, numerical/mathematical reasoning, and thinking skills (please note that verbal reasoning is part of GA).

Some of the books that have been updated include:

Selective School Placement Exam for Year 5 and Year 7 Entrance

Victorian Selective School Exam Pack for Year 9

Selective School and Scholarship Entrance for Year 9

Ultimate Thinking Skills Selective Test Preparation

Updated Excel Selective Schools and Scholarship Series

These resources provide students with additional practice for the ACER scholarship and selective school entrance tests, as well as practice questions and tips for preparing for the tests.

Other parts of ACER i.e. writing, reading comprehension, and maths remains. The following resources will help children do well prepare their tests,

Selective School and Scholarship Test