The Esoteric Science of Restorative Yoga: Lost Technology of Consciousness

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The measure of an advanced civilisation is not technological progress but the level of consciousness present in society. The great Egyptian and Sumerian cultures did not view themselves as the pinnacle of human evolution, crediting their wisdom to an earlier epoch. Hidden within art, architecture, scriptures and ancient practices are traces of a golden age of consciousness.

Discover how quantum physics is now validating ancient understandings, passed down to us in scriptures, on the reality of our existence as energetic beings. Is the cyclical progression of ages elucidated by our ancestors more in line with recent archaeological discoveries. Does a lost technology of consciousness permeate every aspect of our existence?.

Is Restorative Yoga closer to how Yoga was practised in antiquity?.

This book presents a cohesive theory on how philosophy, physiology, psychology and science merge.

  • Learn how our biology and brain waves affect our experience.
  • Explore the body's energetic and physiological functions to enable healing and homeostasis.
  • With detailed descriptions and photographs of the poses, class sequences and breathing exercises for you to try at home.

About Author - Paul Archer

Originally from Ireland, Paul’s parents were involved with the Gurdjieff/Ouspensky philosophical school, and he was brought up on a diet of philosophy, mantras and meditation, his parents inspiring a lifelong spiritual journey that eventually led to Yoga.

He previously worked as a breakfast radio host on Kiss FM Melbourne, and has played as an international DJ all over the world, he still loves to make people laugh and always incorporates elements of humour and uplifting music to his classes, allowing us to escape the seriousness of our practice.

Always keen to share the clarity and serenity he has found through yoga, he loves to see people experience the transformative power that can be achieved through regular practice.

After 7 years of practising yoga he found a school that resonated with this healing approach, and began a year long training with SomaChi Yoga, he has also trained in Yin, Restorative, Yoga Nidra, Tai Chi, Mindfulness & Meditation.

An eternal student with a passion for research, he has been fascinated by philosophy, spirituality, science and ancient cultures for the past three decades.

Over the past few years, he has introduced Yin & Restorative Yoga to many of the prestigious studios around Melbourne, that were previously very Vinyasa or Hatha focused.

He currently runs regular Restorative & Yin Yoga teacher training programs at his YogaCita studio and at The Australian Yoga Academy in Melbourne, Australia.