The interest of quiet life

The interest of quiet life, the traces of silent years! A person who dares to laugh at himself is often wise and humorous, but also a magnanimous and brave person. Only those who are strong and confident in their hearts, who can calmly accept all of themselves, and who are real but imperfect, can achieve such a state. The era of resting on your laurels is over. An overly arrogant attitude can only lead to a dead end. Learning to lower your posture and dare to laugh at yourself is the expression of true self-confidence. When you learn to laugh at yourself, it is when you dare to analyze yourself. Only by seeing through yourself can you be free from distractions. At this time, the realm of life is bound to be broader. You know, daring to laugh at yourself is not only a social skill but also a kind of advanced self-confidence.

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