Z2 Comics

Anthrax: Among The Living

In 1987, Anthrax unleashed a heavy metal & pop culture touchstone with the release of their historic Among the Living album! Now Anthrax & Z2...
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Ice Nine Kills: Inked in Blood

Tying in with the events of INK's next cinematic album, INKED IN BLOOD follows a bullied teen super-fan who’s convinced that her favorite fr...
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Madi: Once Upon a Time in the Future

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The Superstate is everywhere, and it's authority is absolute. Yoga Town is a city divided. While they wait to leave the earth, the 1% can bend re...
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Toobaloth of Goon Holler

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True War Stories

A sniper in Haiti faces the repercussions of the shot he never took. A team of SEALs help rescue a kidnapped girl in the Philippines. Army interpreter...
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Year Negative One

The origin of Major Lazer! In an alternate timeline 1984, Jamaica’s crown jewel is Nu Kingston—a retro futuristic metropolis where gang lo...
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