Targeting Maths Australian Curriculum Edition Student Book Year 2

ISBN: 9781742152219
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The Australian Curriculum Edition Targeting Maths Year 2 Student Book has been specifically written to meet t he Australian Curriculum requirements of primary school Year 2. Features of the Targeting Maths program include:

This book aims to teach Year 2 students :

  • Numbers to 1000
  • Area, length and mass
  • Multiplication and fractions
  • Chance and data
star.gif Australian Curri culum Alignment Complete coverage of all Year 2 Content descripti ons for mathematics.
star.gif Targeting Maths App for iPad The Targeting Maths Year 2 Student Book is fully cross-referenced to the Year 2 Targeting Ma ths App. Children will benefit from the combination of book-based and di gital learning this program provides.
star.gif Fully integrated Problem-solving Program Actively builds students' abilities to think mathematically, problem solve and communic ate their answers in a variety of ways.
star.gif Term Investigations Students plan and work through problems t hat extend their mathematical fluency.
star.gif In-stage topic alignment for composite classes Each Targeting Maths Student Book in Stage 1 (Student Book Year 1 and Year 2) match top ic-by-topic.
star.gif < span style="font-size: 10pt; color: #000000;">Regular Revision Regular revision pages maintain skills.< /span>
star.gif Interactive whiteboard activities for front-of-class teaching T he Targeting Maths Year 2 Teaching Guide includes the complete Year 2 Ra inforest Maths CD-ROM, an invaluable resource for teaching and learning a wide variety of maths concepts.
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