Targeting Maths Australian Curriculum Edition Student Book Year 4

ISBN: 9781742152233
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Publisher: Pascal Press

Th e Australian Curriculum Edition Targeting Maths Year 4 Student Book has been specifically w ritten to meet the Australian Curriculum requirements of primary school Year 4. Features of the Targeting Maths program include:

Australian Curriculum Ali gnment Complete coverage of all Year 4 content descriptions for m athematics.
Targeti ng Maths App for iPad The Targeting Maths Year 4 Student Book is fully cross-referenced to the Year 4 Targeting Maths App. Students will benefit from the combination of book-based and digital learning this pro gram provides.
Fully integrated Problem-solving Program Actively builds studen ts' abilities to think mathematically, problem solve and communicate the ir answers in a variety of ways.
Term Investigations Students plan and work th rough problems that extend their mathematical fluency.
In-stage topic align ment for composite classes Each Targeting Maths Student Book in S tage 2 (Student Book Year 3 and Year 4) match topic-by-topic.
Regular Revision Regul ar revision pages maintain skills.
Interactive whiteboard activities for front-of-cla ss teaching The Targeting Maths Year 4 Teaching Guide includes th e complete Year 4 Rainforest Maths CD-ROM, an invaluable resource for te aching and learning a wide variety of maths concepts.
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